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KAEC, the ultimate Escape Retreat for Businesses. Tailored Experiences, Stress-free Vibe, Sweeping Greenery, Turquoise Views and Diversified Offerings… All in one destination

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Tailor Your Event

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When your company is about to launch a product or an annual board meeting is coming up, there’s only one place that can accommodate these events while providing a fresh factor: KAEC.Have your next conference or exhibition in style when you host it in fully equipped meeting rooms complete with high tech systems installed, ready to impress and dazzle.

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Leisure & Entertainment

The first of its kind in the Kingdom; KAEC provides a venue fit for the most lavish events. From annual dinners, cultural nights, sport and leisure activities. Sprawling, wide spaces that can accommodate hundreds of guests, KAEC’s dream of creating a welcoming, unparalleled venue for all types of events has been realized.

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Team Building

Plan and book a tailored, objective-driven corporate retreat at KAEC. Unlike any location in the Kingdom and the region, KAEC offers a custom-made experience personally designed for you and your line of work. Whatever your mission, goal, or purpose, turn it into a reality with our top of the line facilities. Utilize our wide range of courts, indulge in our award-winning golf course, or bask in the glow of Juman Park while exercising your minds and training your bodies. We have a selection of third party services available fit for whatever you need. Fill out the form below to book and we’ll arrange the ideal retreat.