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Transportation Services

iDrive - Visit KAEC

iDRIVE is the first car sharing service in Saudi Arabia.
The service is user friendly, affordable and accessible through the application that can be download from Google Play or App Store. Fuel is included.
Click here to learn more about the insurance fees, other fees, penalties and damages.

Careem - Visit KAEC

Use the car type ”GO” to ride inside KAEC and use car type “To Jeddah” for trips from & to Jeddah


Service Price Remarks
Delivery 10 SAR Minimum ride fare
1.06 SAR Additional distance per KM
0.71 SAR Waiting time per minute
Inside KAEC 8.5 SAR Minimum ride fare
1.04 SAR Additional distance per KM
0.7 SAR Waiting time per minute
From or to Jeddah 125 SAR For 120 KM or 90 minutes
Haramain Station Shuttle - Visit KAEC
Haramain Station Shuttle

Shuttle bus service is a transportation service in KAEC to serve Haramian Railway Station passengers and KAEC communities with 10 SAR/Trip.

Check Bus Services Guideline and Policy
Click here to download Shuttle Bus Route

City Bus - Visit KAEC
City Bus

City bus service is the main city transportation service which follows certain schedules and routes within KAEC to serve residents and visitors.

Check Bus Services Guideline and Policy

City Bus Rates

Service Price Remarks (Age)
Single Ticket (Adult/ Child) 5 SAR/Trip Single One Way Trip
Single Ticket (Child up to 5 years) Free
Monthly Pass 250 SAR/Person

Click here to download City Bus Route