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  • Category : Sport
  • Location : Battlefield Zone
  • Working Days : Thursday,Friday,Saturday
  • Working Hours : 3:00PM - 11:00PM
Paintball - Image visit KAEC

Activity Description

If you think you’re a sharp shooter you should try out your Accuracy with our paintball target shooting booths and if you have what it takes to hit the bullseye, it's not as easy as you think, you will have to test the wind the curve of the shot and lets see what your made off.

Terms & Conditions

Game Rules

Paintball is a global game that has a monitor team progressing the competition to ensure fair play, knowing that the rulers' decisions are final and at least two judgments are set in each competition and the referee is the one responsible for starting and ending the game, following:

•    The protective mask should be worn at all times on the field
•    It is prohibited to fire from a distance of less than five meters
•    Prevent any indiscriminate release, physical contact, and use of profanity
•    If someone is injured or removed by the referee, he must raise his shot to the top and head towards the nearest gateway to exit the sides of the stadium
•    The deported player is not allowed to shoot while he is leaving, and no other player is allowed to shoot him
•    If two or more players hit him at the same time, all those with paint balls are excluded
•    Any person who exposes himself or others to danger is removed
•    It is forbidden to enter unauthorized equipment into the Paintball Arena
•    It is prohibited to use balls lying on the ground because they disrupt the aim
•    It is prohibited to remove any of the rental equipment
•    It is prohibited to smoke inside the Paintball area

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